Personal Tax

Tax season is in full swing and taxpayers are busy in preparing the backup support for their taxes. Following is the list of documents that applies to majority of Canadians.  To expedite your tax preparation, bring the following to your accountant that applies to you.

  • 2004 Notice of Assessment for RRSP contribution limit purposes.
  • Social Insurance Number and spouseís /Common-law partnerís Social Insurance Number.
  • List of dependant and birth dates.
  • Information Slips
  • T4

    Salary and Wages


    Employment Insurance Benefit


    Canada Pension Plan Benefit


    Old Age Security Benefits


    Registered Income Fund Income


    Registered Retirement Saving Plan


    Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and other income (Scholarships, Bursaries)


    Interest and Dividend Payments


    Workerís Compensation and Social Assistance Payments


    Disability Certificate (If first year of claim or previous one has expired)

    T2202 / T2202A

    Education Amount Certificate / Education Amounts & Tuition









  • Receipts for
    • Medical Expenses
    • Chartiable Donations
    • RRSP Contribution
    • Interest Expense
    • Student Loan Interest
    • Childcare Expenses(Organization name or service provider SIN number)
    • Political Donations

In addition to above taxpayer should bring the below information for additional tax credits.

  • Details of dependant income.
  • Details of spouse or common law partnerís income.
  • Property tax bill and/or rent paid during the year and all residence addresses during the year for Ontario tax credits.
  • If the taxpayer is a new immigrant, he / she must provide date of arrival in Canada.

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